Whispers II - Limited Edition Double Gatefold Vinyl Vinyl


Whispers II is the 7th studio album from Brighton's Passenger, AKA Mike Rosenberg. It is the accompaniment album to the critical acclaimed album 'Whispers' released in June 2014. 100% of all the profits raised from this purchase will go towards Unicef and their campaign to help and eventually prevent children suffering from chronic malnutrition in Liberia. Unicef ensures more of the worlds children are fed, vaccinated, educated and protected than any other organisation. To find out more, visit unicef.org.uk. This deluxe edition includes a second vinyl of acoustic performances, booklet, and pop up artwork.


Side One
1. Fear Of Fear
2. Catch In The Dark
3. A Thousand Matches
4. I'll Be Your Man
5. Travelling Alone
Side Two
6. David
7. Words
8. The Way That I Need You
9. Strangers
10. Nothing's Changed

Side Three
1. Two Hands (Acoustic)
2. Stolen Toys (Acoustic)
3. The Way It Goes (Acoustic)
Side Four
4. Settled (Acoustic)
5. Timber And Coal (Acoustic)
6. Darkest Days (Acoustic)