Whispers & Whispers II - Limited Edition CD Box Set CDs

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Whispers & Whispers II Limited Edition CD Box Set. Including 5 x limited edition postcards, exclusive bonus material and presented in a custom made art-worked box. 100% of the profits from this purchase will go to Unicef and their campaign to help and eventually prevent children suffering from chronic malnutrition in Liberia. To find out more, visit unicef.org.uk

Whispers Tracklist

Disc 1
1. Coins In A Fountain
2. 27
3. Heart's On Fire
4. Bullets
5. Golden Leaves
6. Thunder
7. Rolling Stone
8. Start A Fire
9. Whisper
10. Riding To New York
11. Scare Away The Dark

Disc 2
1. Heart's On Fire (Acoustic)
2. Coins In A Fountain (Acoustic)
3. Riding To New York (Acoustic)
4. Start A Fire (Acoustic)
5. Golden Leaves (Acoustic)
6. Rolling Stone (Acoustic)
7. Whisper (Acoustic)

Whispers II Tracklist

Disc 1
1. Fear Of Fear
2. Catch In The Dark
3. A Thousand Matches
4. I'll Be Your Man
5. Travelling Alone
6. David
7. Words
8. The Way That I Need You
9. Strangers
10. Nothing's Changed

Disc 2
1. Two Hands (Acoustic)
2. Stolen Toys (Acoustic)
3. The Way It Goes (Acoustic)
4. Settled (Acoustic)
5. Timber And Coal (Acoustic)
6. Darkest Days (Acoustic)